Thank U: Discovering Eye-Opening, Grit-Filled Gratitude ~MKE Week 11


Thank you, Frailty

Did you see the video above? If not, I hope you will. This song, “Thank U” by Alanis Morissette, dates to the late 90s but I have identified with it ever-increasingly in recent weeks. Having not heard it in years until watching, “The Way” a couple months ago, I cannot get it out of my thoughts, nor do I want to.

This year has brought perhaps the greatest sense of frailty to my life ever, yet it has simultaneously been the most powerful year for me as well. I jumped off the edge of all that has been comfortable, known, predictable. I’ve done things that have scared the shizzle out of me. I’ve ignored the inner voice of projected risks and fears. And it continues to be the ride of my life!

How ’bout Me Enjoying the Moment For Once

It is amazing what happens when we take the VIP seats in the theater of our own lives. It’s not a passive place, but it is a neutral place. Enjoying the moments without assigning labels of “good” or “bad”; just enjoying and trusting the process. Certain aspects of the journey can feel SO hard and that’s reality. Being the neutral observer, however, creates the opportunity for expansion and opens the door to greater opportunity.

Thank You, Disillusionment



a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be.

So many times have I cursed various disillusionments. Some big ones happened for me this year, just as I am sure others can relate- 2020, after all.

What if I choose gratitude for it instead? What if disillusionment doesn’t require disappointment?

Disillusionment creates space for something; if I curse it as I often have, I create suffering, wallowing, self-pity. But if I welcome it with thanksgiving, woa! Only limitless opportunity for expansion fills the space. In this sense I am ever-creating and anticipating wonder, a far better option to me!

How ’bout How it Feels to Finally Forgive You

Life is so short really. I have been my worst enemy in lacking forgiveness for myself. I have found it so simple to forgive others, but what about looking in the mirror and telling that gal in the glass I forgive her? I’ve been way too hard on her for many years, creating the same contracted space that once was my regular bedfellow.

How about you? I dare you to go to your mirror now and do a self-love check. can you look yourself in the mirror and say,

“(Your Name), I LOVE YOU! I forgive you. You are AMAZING!”

If it is challenging (HINT: it likely is), I beg you to keep it up until it becomes a regular exercise. Do it as if VIBRANT LIFE depends on it, because it does!

Thank You, THANK YOU, Silence!

The Master Key Experience has and continues to help me change my life. One of the most dynamic, simple yet not easy exercises of the Experience is sitting in silence. After working at this for a few years I am actually embracing incredible outcomes made possible by making myself indivisibly available to the silence of “the sit”, as we lovingly call it. More expansive opportunities abound in the silence!

How About You?

My hope for you is that you embrace every opportunity to expand, especially while choosing to contract is so much easier. Contracting takes no work. It is an exercise of simply settling into the slop that life can deliver. Expansion takes work- even HARD work, but the value of the results? I can’t even quantify as I am continually reaping them. It’s better out here!

Thank you, infinite love!

Try looking at circumstances with new possibilities in mind. I dare you!

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Recently transplanted from Suburbia, I am living by the seat of my pants and enjoying this great adventure! Walk along with me as I learn new skills, build self-reliance habits, share my favorite tips and introduce you to others as they share their stories about the ways they fulfill their deepest intentions!

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  1. Hey, This is great! You gain a great deal when you learn how good it is that you have been on this earth, and willing to leave a lot of past other things in the past. We are all human and animals by nature. We all need to forgive, forget, and move on to bigger and not look back. Great to have good memories of past! Ha!

  2. Loved “try looking at circumstances with new possibilities in mind.” Thank you for reminding us to look for the possibilities instead of letting the circumstances engulf us.

  3. Aw Joan, and thank you for bringing this post to the top of my mind again. I’m really needing to reflect on my own words in recent days. :o)

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