Fine Estate or Cesspool? It’s Up to Me! -Master Key, Wk 5, Part 1.


Where is Your Bliss?

It was a beautiful space! Rustic; intentional; mindful. The sand pathways raked into zen garden perfection; an intentional estate most only dream about. Chalices filled with burning palo santo wood greeted the mornings and bid farewell to the day in the evenings alongside rolling surf. 

My daughter and I bathed our souls in this environment together for a week and it was glorious. Fresh, quality, healthful food; yoga classes whenever we wished to embark; oceanside hammocks to laze in; a beautiful thatched hutch to share with a big bug we named Pablo. 

I Went Back There

This was my place to go back to with pleasant associations during my morning meditation. I was SO THERE! During my meditation, tears of joy streamed down my face, because I was there! The surroundings were but an external  representation of all the joy, love, growth and bonding we shared in such beautiful harmony.

And we brought that back with us

It thrives to this day, more than three years later. It is my personal Tulum, having actually so little to do with the location itself, but more to do with that beautiful girl who enables me to carry my most esteemed title- Mom. The time we spent together there was so much more meaningful than words succinctly express. 

Sign that says Relax on the beach at a beautiful yoga estate and retreat.

Timing is Always Perfect

Part five of the Master Key came at the best time for me, as visiting this place, as assigned to do in part 5, brought me back to where I know I am most fit for being. This harmonious place is where everything that matters, IS. 

This life we all embark upon cycles between highs and lows; acceptances and refusals; successes and failures (at least that is how we perceive them!); conquering and getting conquered, or so it seems. 

You Must Assert Your Claim

In reality, we are in control of ALL OF IT! Realizing this, and then remembering it is entirely another story! 

I recently started from scratch. I am absolutely rebuilding my life from the ground up. In the past couple weeks I’ve seen the last of the funds that have supported me doing that accelerated swirl we see when the last bit of water is heading down the drain. So what did I do?

I stuffed my head further into the panic tub so I could get a closer look at the big swirl, leaving no room to focus on anything else.

And I panicked. I cried. I felt sorry for myself. I panicked some more. And then I wallowed. I now care for 4 little piglets, so I know. YES, I wallowed to the fullest extent of the definition of the word.  

And then part 5 of the Master Key entered, perfectly timed. 

Mind Shapes and Controls Matter

Thought manifests in your conduct and actions, as Haanel states. As you can imagine, this can be grand! It can also be the construct by which you pigeonhole yourself into a derelict crack. 

This is what I did for the past few days. Just as Haanel iterates, we can have the tendency to, “…fail to make use of this mental power,” and therefore live within very narrow limits; just like the metaphorical drain hole I’ve been gazing into. The point is, I create it! Be it a fine estate or an underground  sewer, I did it!

“We can consciously use all the desirable characteristics with which we have been provided and we can repress and refuse to allow the undesirable ones to manifest!”

What state is my mental estate in?

Universe: “Get your face out of the drain, Rebecca!

Me: “Got it!

To be continued…

About the author

Recently transplanted from Suburbia, I am living by the seat of my pants and enjoying this great adventure! Walk along with me as I learn new skills, build self-reliance habits, share my favorite tips and introduce you to others as they share their stories about the ways they fulfill their deepest intentions!

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  • Beautifully written post on topics of vital importance! Thank you so much for sharing, Rebecca!
    The part about face down the drain reminded me of one of my fave Oscar Wilde quotes, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Yeah, let’s gaze at the stars and listen to the stillness … that’s where the answers are ♥ Keep up the good work.

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