7 Reasons I am LOVING My New Country Life ~Part 1


For some reason, I never saw this country life happening! It’s been seventeen months since I arrived here in the Okanogan for a 2 week visit. And I have been here ever since. How has this place gotten so pleasantly under my skin? Read on to discover the reasons I am LOVING my new country life!

Reason #1 Connecting With People

In the cities and their suburbs it is so easy to remain anonymous, singular, disconnected. The crush of population and its busy-ness gets overwhelming. To dynamically compare where I was to where I find myself now, consider the following numbers:

Kitsap County: 566 square miles; population 271,473

Okanogan County: 5,315 square miles; population 42,132

Yes, there are MANY fewer people! One may intuitively think this means less opportunity for connection, but quite the contrary is true! Instead of getting swallowed by a sea of humanity, in a smaller community I find in my country life everybody knows, or knows of, everybody. For better or for worse there is little to no anonymity. What better way is there to maintain personal accountability for ones behavior! Really.

It IS a pleasure to be so connected to community as to know that my personal choices and the way I live are not buried in a field of anonymity. It may sound strange, but what better feedback loop is there than being ones best in community that’s small and intimate enough to reflect outcomes of how one shows up?

Reason #2 Connecting With Nature

Beautiful mirror reflection in a lake. Country Life!
Beautiful Lyman Lake- A small but fun motorcycle ride away!

I want to know. Have you ever had the great privilege of standing on a ridge, looking out across miles where the only sound is created by nature herself? A gentle breeze stirring the brush across the valley below. A symphony of birds following the cues of the greatest conductor of all life. Flowing water giggling across rocky streams?

Or how about standing in the midst of rare simple silence. When the nearby earth is in slumber and the air is amazingly still. In spite of having the capacity to see for miles under moonlight, you hear nothing beyond your own blood flow? I’ve experienced this here for the first time ever in my 40+ revolutions around the sun and it is truly a rare prize to behold!

Reason #3 Proving Myself to Myself

I’m not shying away from discomfort! I’m putting myself to the test to see what I am made of! I’ve absolutely dived deep into the realm of uncertainty; embracing not knowing what tomorrow brings; unleashing myself from the compulsion to know the hows and whens. Believe me when I say this way of life elicits LOTS of tears and feeling of absolute uncertainty. But, and this is a big BUT, it also gives opportunity for me to see what happens when I let go of utter control. Just like my favorite affirmation suggests:

“It is now safe to give up my good for my greater good.”

Thank you, Mark Januszewski!

It is safe to go all in with this adventure we call life. As I mentioned in a previous post, we only know what GOOD truly is when we allow ourselves to let go of the constraints we set for ourselves.

In what areas of life do you yearn for greatness? What holds you back? My guess is that fear of the unknown tops your list as it often does mine.

More to Come!

Are you looking to make the most of this life on earth? Do you get stuck in the minutiae of day-to-day and put off your best for later when you have time? Perhaps it’s time for a different approach! Join me for the 2021 Master Key Experience! Apply for a scholarship and change your life!

Stick around to discover the next 4 reasons I am loving my new country life! Part 2 will be arriving next week!

About the author

Recently transplanted from Suburbia, I am living by the seat of my pants and enjoying this great adventure! Walk along with me as I learn new skills, build self-reliance habits, share my favorite tips and introduce you to others as they share their stories about the ways they fulfill their deepest intentions!

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