Blossoming Into GREATNESS- Master Key, Week 9


Embracing the Master Key “Sit”. It’s GREAT!

I am so incredibly amazed at all the aspects of this Master Key Experience! Just as many others have said this year, I am experiencing the greatness of this journey like never before.

Take “the sit”, for example. The sit is what we call our focused meditation, visualization time each day. Never before this year have I met it so faithfully on a daily basis. Trust me, my friends; it’s the key ingredient!

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Sowing The Seed

This week’s designated sit focuses on seeing the life span of a flower, beginning with the seed. I chose a hyacinth because of its beauty and delightful fragrance which, as Haanel states, should come into our consciousness once mental discipline has manifested the riches found in this exercise.

Beginning with the seed, I visualize how the roots first sprout into action. Once the roots have, well, rooted themselves, a sprout begins to emerge from the top, eventually breaking the surface of the soil. Eventually with good soil, nurture and proper environment, the flower exalts in all of its glory!

What Does This Mean For My Greatness?

As always trudging forth, I carry this visualization further and view it as the metaphor for my journey, and your journey. Before shooting for the heavens the seed stretches tendrils earthward, building for itself of nourishment, fortifying against the elements and therefore empowering itself to reach for the sky. Likewise we must remain grounded in our focused resolve to manifest our ultimate blossoming. For us it is establishing ourselves in the very same truth as the seed!

“To know the truth, to be sure, to be confident, affords a satisfaction beside which no other is at all comparable; it is the only solid ground in a world of doubt, conflict and danger.”

Master Key Experience

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Recently transplanted from Suburbia, I am living by the seat of my pants and enjoying this great adventure! Walk along with me as I learn new skills, build self-reliance habits, share my favorite tips and introduce you to others as they share their stories about the ways they fulfill their deepest intentions!

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