7 Reasons I am LOVING My New Country Life ~Part 1

For some reason, I never saw this country life happening! It’s been

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Ducks in A Row

1 Life-Changing Step: Rolling Through The Feedback Loops With A Smile!

Who’s experiencing lots of life feedback in the times we are living

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Clouds forming an angel

Mastering The Art of Being A Conduit For The Divine ~Master Key Wk 12

Recognizing Divinity Your ability to cooperate with this Omnipotence will indicate the

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Thank you! Hand holding a prism

Thank U: Discovering Eye-Opening, Grit-Filled Gratitude ~MKE Week 11

Thank you, Frailty Did you see the video above? If not, I

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Why Me? I AM The Happily Recovering Suburbanite!

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and tell you about

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dahlia blossom

Blossoming Into GREATNESS- Master Key, Week 9

Embracing the Master Key “Sit”. It’s GREAT! I am so incredibly amazed

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