About Recovering Suburbanite

How are you feeling these days? Are our unprecedented times bogging you down? Do you wish for those times when a trip to the store was easy and brought guaranteed results? I’m with you!

I owned a successful art gallery until this past March when all predictability came to a screeching halt for most of us. A friend invited me out to a mountain retreat when I laid my beloved gallery to rest. I planned on staying for a week or two. 

Five months later my life looks very different than I ever expected! I’m still in the mountains, making new friends, learning new skills and enjoying every moment!

I know it’s a rare opportunity to be able to pack up a life and unexpectedly change every aspect once known. Unlike me, you may be deeply connected where you are. Perhaps you haven’t the remotest desire to pack up and go. I’m here to help you gather some ideas to expand independence, creativity and enjoyment, even in the midst of the most trying times.

I offer the amazing tips and tools I have gathered, curated and adapted for myself as the most effective, cost efficient ways to depend less on already stressed resources. 

Walk along with me as I share tips, recipes that reduce trips to the grocery, cute farm photos, interviews with artisans and crafters and so much more! I’m so excited to share my out-of-the-blue adventure with you!

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